Graphic Design & Printing

Graphic Design & Printing

We offer our clients a full range of graphic design services including Branding and / or Logo Design. We can help you with all aspects of design for your business, be it signage, menus, flyers, large format posters, marketing materials, packaging design, banners, promotional leaflets, price lists, gift vouchers, thank you cards or loyalty cards – we can do it all.

Graphic Design
Through graphic design, we facilitate brand recognition and identity, company unity, professionalism, communication, efficiency, and productivity. Our team, use industry studies of design structure to make sure that your clients will like it. First impressions matter and good graphic design can leave a pleasant and lasting impression.


Logo Design
We make sure that every time your company or any product or service provided by your company is mentioned, your logo should be with it. The goal is to have a customer instantly recognize your logo and link it to your company. Familiarity with your logo creates consumer loyalty.

Banner Design
Media 360’s designers are well versed in banner design and the science of design structure for the human eye. Along with this expertise comes the simple fact that we care about your company. We will help you to decide what would work esthetically for your designs based on your current branding or desired branding.

Branding Packages
Our team is ready to help relieve the stress of “figuring it out” on your own by giving you our easy toolkit packages for whatever company needs upon starting. Want to know more, contact us about our branding packages and let us help you get everything you need out of the gate!

Digital Printing
Quality print is not an option, it is a Standard! We know that each dime spend on your printing products is an investment, which is why our printing division boasts some of the best equipment in the industry.