Are you a creative company? If no, would you like to become one?

Here are the 10 things you should do if you are a small business and want to build a creative foundation that will help you grow your business for years to come.

1. Set your goals

Decide why you want to become a more creative company. Every business is different. You may want to encourage creativity to become more competitive.

2. Verbalize your creative ambitions!

Make a conscious and public decision to become a creative company. Writing it down and sharing it with as many people as possible is a great way to get involved.

3. Establish a strategy

In other words, decide how you will become more creative. Are you going to hold X brainstorming meetings a month? What kind of gratification will you give to the employees who play the most creative game? And how are you going to keep this goal of creativity present in the minds of your employees and your employees?

4. Inhale the desire

Give the world around you the desire to engage in this adventure. Creative businesses are dynamic and energetic.


5. Reward creativity How about awarding a monthly prize to the most creative idea? After all, we reward sales well ... so why not creativity!

6. Encourage curiosity and questions Creative people are curious people. And curious people question each other. Many companies do not want their employees to ask questions - they want them to go down the drain and do the work for which they are paid.

7. Promote a free-spirited behavior of ideas Fear kills creativity. Encourage your managers and employees to proceed with courage and conviction. Give them a safety net to fall if they stumble, and create an environment where mistakes are not seen as professional suicide.

8. Create a creative environment Get rid of the sterile, and say welcome to the eclectic! If you're really motivated to build a creative environment, research Internet case studies to inspire you.

9. Encourage diversity It always gave me the impression that management probably did not really encourage creative thinking. If you want your employees to be creative, let them be themselves. Do not get them into a mold!

10. Maintain a climate of trust and respect The important thing is to treat all your employees with respect and trust and to encourage them to do the same as your business grows. Without creativity in the workplace, there would be no innovation. Without innovation, there would be no products that change the world or innovative business ideas.