Within a very short time span, the digital space has seen a tremendous spike in the usage of infographics by online businesses. Here is why a lot of businesses are maximizing the use of infographics for social media:

Consumes less time

A reader takes a split of a second to understand an infographic.

Has lasting impact

A human brain retains an infographic for a longer time and has more impact than written content.

Easily understandable

It is easier to understand it if well formatted and easily readable.

More engagement

Readers tend to share infographics more than written contents on social media.

Consumer Psychology

An infographic grabs attention quicker than written content; colors make a difference.


An infographic is way better than any written content, simply because it is visual.

Brand awareness

Businesses that create more infographics find it easier to be recalled and recognized.


Infographics attract more visitors, hence increasing website traffic and leads.

Viral Marketing

Infographic is shared more and engaged with, thus it’s more likely to go viral.

Core of written content

It presents the main information and gives the reader a comprehensive overview of the topic.