With the growing size of Instagram, mastering marketing on this network can help you increase your sales. When you start experimenting with Instagram, you start to discover your own Instagram hacks.

 Show your customers photos on Instagram.

Customer photos are the social proof that every business needs. If a customer posts an image or video with your product, it shows their audience that someone they know likes your brand. It also introduces your brand to a new audience.

Should you change the link in your Instagram bio?

Most people enter their website as "". It works well if you direct people to your homepage. Most brands maintain the same bio link. On the Instagram account of my brand, I would lead people to the homepage.

 Edit your images beyond Instagram's filters.

Instagram filters work very well to add a different hue to your image. However, the images sometimes have to be modified beyond that. Generally, you do not want to change the color of the product in Photoshop too much, as this can create unrealistic expectations for the customer. However, big brands usually change the color of the product to make it brighter.

Follow relevant people.

You can increase the size of your audience by following relevant people. Although not everyone will follow you in return, many will choose to follow your brand if it suits them.

While browsing this #, you will find people who publish content using the main keyword for your niche. Thus, it is more likely that they are interested in the products you sell.

Best times to post on Instagram.

you do not have to wait for a particular moment in the day to post. The truth is that if your post is great, that you use hashtags etc. you will always have a high commitment.

 Add text to your images

The text does not have to be long as a quote. You could even add a single word that captures the attention.