Management of social networks.


The manager represents the company and, therefore, he must be careful not to make a mistake by posting a status or visual that could be misinterpreted. We must not forget that we work for a client and we must remain diplomatic when responding to comments.

Key Features of a Social Network Manager in 2018:

  1. Sufficient commitment. It is not always necessary for a good result to require a full-time commitment.
  2. Not so many and boring publications. It is not recommended a large and overcrowded series or gallery, as it goes to the disadvantage of the companies. Something of the same kind is always something undesired by people.
  3. He must have imagination. A social network manager needs to create special messages to get people's attention.

       4.   It must be convenient and use as many applications as smartphones, rather than just using a PC      or laptop.

       5. He must always follow the shortest and most effective path through strategies.