The software developer is called the person who is good at programming and who best fits your needs for an idea that you want to publish as a website or application. It is simple at first sight, because there are special branches in the universities they learn and train. Perseverance and patience are necessities in order to be a good software developer. You have to have a passion for the job, because the creation of software and coding are difficult and time-consuming tasks. It is a constantly evolving business that requires ongoing training to know all the new programming languages, operating systems and hardware where the future software will be installed.

  1. They never tire of learning! Today, we all know that the technology advances every second of our lives. To be consistent, you must be well informed about everything happening in the world with the codes and laws of different techniques.
  2. Having a final goal! The center of the attention are the most helpful people for this position. They know what they want to accomplish, and with that goal, they run to work every day.
  3. Do not do several things at the same time! It is not allowed to be confused with other things, either in relation to their branch, because that does not give the maximum!
  4. Use too much logic and imagination! Absolutely every job has its own requirements, but in this position you are more confronted with the logic of using your data than copying and pasting!
  5. Communication continuous with the customer. This is done not to waste time with the work and to be more correct.

6. Pencil and paper! An old method, but it never dies. A software developer must always have papers to take down notes. The job is busy, so take action!